Historic District of Madison Indiana
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Madison Buy Design

Artisan's Mall

All local Ohio River Valley artists
from Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio

118 E. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 274-2038

  Extra hours for events

Creative Works
for Creative Shoppers!




Annalisa Strickland,
manager extraordinare, was very kind and welcoming. So don't be afraid to step inside and take a look around. The artisan mall includes the display for sale of local arts and crafts. Booth space is rented to individuals who can produce hand crafted goods from anyone within the Ohio River Valley. So if you think you're crafty and can make useful things people will buy, this is the place to come and try. Check out what's available and try to sell your original creations as well.


Introducing "Creativity"

Creativity rides a bicycle. This artist's work with metal sculpture is truly unique. Do you think if I put one of these cats on the roof, it would keep the birds away?






Example Large Booth

Notice the flower pot holders, wine bottle holders, miniature frogs, bats, cats, owls, and dog's riding bicycles. The sculptures come in all sizes.



Smallest booth?

This is an example of what might be one of the smaller booths. The artisans who create the items for sale, don't necessarily mass produce. Rather he or she steadily works at their craft to produce each hand made item. Participating artisans are not expected to provide big corporate business. Why do I mention it? Well, just in case you can make something hand made, you might come down here, see for yourself the sorts of things for sale, and consider trying selling some of your own work here.


Booth for: Matteo Babies

"The Place for Babies with Style."

In every sense, this is a variety gift shop. However the gifts, practical like Matteo Babies or otherwise like glass sculpture, do not come from large bulk mass automated assembly line manufacturing corporations located overseas. Every participating artisan is required to live and create their works within the Ohio River Valley. So nothing here is being made in California, Idaho, or Florida. The vast majority is being made in the local Madison area.


Quilts Anyone?








Cork Goods?!

Get all your cork needs here. Things made of cork are good on boats. If your boat ever goes down, just grab the cork furniture for a floating life preserver. So I guess it's no wonder it's made along the Ohio River.

Cork hot plates are probably a good idea. And as a place to pin your notes on, that's not so bad either.


Clothing items too!



Check out the hankerchief top.




Glass Sculpture










More Booths




If you have any questions about the art or the artisans, just ask the manager Annalisa.




More and more booths!



There is no way I can show you everything they have to offer. The booths and the interesting unique hand made crafts go on and on. You'll just have to visit the shop and investigate for yourself!



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Sometimes people think the Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just one mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana across the Harrison Bridge, on the other side of the Ohio River.

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Madison Buy Design is owned by Peggy Attenburger and managed by Annalisa Strickland since 2012.