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Main Street
Tin ware

313 W. Main Street
Madison IN 47250

Call first (812) 273-3873

Mon-Fri 9-5pm
Sat 10-3pm

Shoe and boot repair,
historical artifact restoration,
for history reenactment buffs,
by the
only cobbler in town, &
historical reproduction tin ware


The Shop



The Office



Shoe Accessories



The Real Workshop

This is where the real work gets done.



Where real work
gets done



Heavy Equipment



More heavy equipment



Tin Ware

Also don’t forget Patrick's historical reproduction tin ware. "Tin cup" is an expression that’s not dead yet. Check out his historical reproduction cups, coffee pots, pitchers, Pierced Lantern, funnels, one and two cup scoops for the kitchen, flower watering devices, sewing boxes, lamp fillers, tumblers, oil cans, hanging lamps, flour boxes, dust pans, cream skimmer, "spit cup," (personal spittoon for tobacco chewers or smokers portable ash tray) various cans, candle stick Sconce, candle extinguishers, chandeliers, salt and pepper shakers, vasculum with straps (flower botanical collecting tool to carry and keep fieldsamples viable by

maintaining a cool, humid environment), and something called "japanned" which is particular kind of painted tin ware, all hand made and all made in America, out of tin, right here by Madison's own Patrick Cunningham.



the "only cobbler" in
Madison Historic District.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For example, while your father is still alive, or to honor him otherwise, you could obtain a pair of his old work boots. Have them repaired and mounted to a board, as a monument. Add a trophy style label. Then you could place them on the fireplace mantle. For those things you can’t put into words out loud. Acknowledging him, letting him and everyone else know. His shoes are big shoes to fill. And you appreciate him and the impact of his life on this old world, and will try your best to live up to his example.

Turning shoes into a set of book ends are good too... Boots or Baby Shoes. Old leather work gloves might be good too. Just make sure it’s not something he still expects to use. Just something to honor the man and his work. Its unlikely that a father needs a pocket watch if he's never worn one before. It’s not likely that a father needs a new pair of shoes, when he has the money, yet has chosen not to replace them just yet, and the same goes for a new tie. Just a simple symbolic acknowledgement. Also, instead of mounting an animals head to a board and then to a wall, one might think about making something with a leather pistol holsters or leather covers for musket rifles, into a wall mounted ornament. Think of all those old fashioned tools people hang as decorations, this would be no different, except a bit more macho.

God Bless,




What are concealment shoes? Answer.


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[top Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River. [top

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Map to Main Street Cobbler & Weather Report

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Patrick Cunningham does tin metal work and leather boot & shoe repairs. He's actually been trained in shoe making at Old Sturbridge Village in 1985. Think of all those Civil War re-enactors wearing historically authentic era reproduction shoes and boots. Who fixes those things? Mr. Cunningham of Main Street Cobbler repairs those shoes! He can service your shoes and boots locally or through the mail. Mr. Cunningham's business philosophy includes the idea that payment for services should only be rendered when finished products are in hand and customer satisfaction has been met.

He will work on modern footwear as well, see his example work at his official web site (see link above).

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