Historic District of Madison Indiana
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601 W. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 274-2775


A beautiful sactuary, revealing beautiful people!




I'm always afraid to get my hair cut in a place that's run down, or by people who's hair looks like it tried to crawl away. That's why I like this barber shop. It's beautiful, with beautiful people. Sunshine fills this place up with life.




Waiting Area

They've got guitars, television, and local artist's works on the walls. Here, when they, "leave you to your thoughts," they actually give you somewhere to go, in your imagination.



I've heard of people talking about how, 'back in the old days', people use to hang out at the barber shop. Visiting here makes it a lot easier to imagine, having done it yourself.



A business can't afford to keep a place this nice without real talent and good customers getting good results. Wouldn't you like to be a customer too? I think they not only would like that, but have been expecting you, since they've gone to so much work to prepare a comfortable place for you.

Give them a call.


Living Dance

I dare you to share a part of just one of your days here. Let them help make you look as good as you will feel while you're here.






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  Sometimes people think the Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just one mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana across the Harrison Bridge, on the other side of the Ohio River.

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The Barbershop was opened in 2009 by barber Aimee Lynch and later joined by barber Jane Vonderheide. "The shop offers a comfortable, friendly, fun atmosphere and high quality haircuts in all styles including fades, flat tops, professional-looking styles, longer styles, spikes, etc. You want it, we can do it. We also do shampoos, shaves, and beard and mustache trims. Come see us!" (Facebook)