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The Question:

What was the original purpose of the building built at 605 W. Main Street of Madison Historic District, Southern Indiana?

The Answer:

This is actually a trick question, because there were two buildings combined to form the current building.

The building at 603 W. Main Street was a chicken hatchery, while the original building at 605 W. Main Street was a brewery. Once the brewery proved successful, WIlliam McQuiston, the original owner, moved his operations across the street. Since 2001 the owners of the restaurants located at 605 W. Main Street have featured craft beers on tap. Hopefully William would approve.

By the way, there are currently no boilers in the 600 block of West Main.
That’s important because . . .

From the Springfield Republican of 9/7/1854 -

"A boiler exploded at McQuiston’s brewery, at Madison, Ind., on Tuesday evening demolishing the building totally. The boiler is said to have ascended one thousand feet, and in falling, went through the roof of a shop two hundred and fifty feet distant. No person was injured, but several narrowly escaped with their lives."

Thanks to the Mountain Echo for their comments about the McQuiston Brewery
( source: themountainecho.blogspot.com ).
Big thanks,
to Tom Moore for the question and answer.