"Fishin in the Dark," sung by Rusty Bladen.

Rusty Bladen, breathing life into this world performing live at the Broadway Hotel & Tavern ~ 2009.



My Favorite Rusty Songs:
Blue Flannel Shirt
Ride that River

"Blue Flannel Shirt," by Rusty Bladen

This song is all about raising one another up and we often don’t take enough time to honor one another. So I take this moment to raise Rusty up. I also ask that you consider just how much this raises us all up. Enjoy!




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"Ride that River," a Rusty Bladen Music Video

This song is about being brave enough to live one's life and not allow it to pass one by. Both of these ideas, here in Ride that River, and the one mentioned above with Blue Flannel Shirt, are important to be spoken about out loud. And if there’s one thing Rusty can do...

God bless Rusty,
and God bless you.

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