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About Madison Historic District Kentucky:

What is Madison Historic District famous for? Being on the wrong side of the Ohio River? Perhaps! There’s small movement of Kentuckians secretly conspiring to cross the Ohio River and annex Madison Historic District of Indiana, by force if necessary. Or so the rumor goes. LOL! Seriously though, a large portion of the Madison Historic Districts shoppers are from Kentucky. Which is where the misnomer of "Madison Historic District of Kentucky", "located in Milton Kentucky" comes from.

We’re not in communist U.S.S.R. Nor are we in Nazi Germany. We’re in the good old U.S. of A., where you don’t need "papers," passports, or a machine gun, guard dog toting, lunatic searching vehicles in order to cross any boarders. You can tip toe across the bridge if you want to, but most people probably do at least 30 miles per hour, without blinking or a second thought.

All fun and jokes aside, the Madison Historic District welcomes all our shoppers in the 11 states sharing the Ohio River Valley (wikipedia), but especially our neighbors in Kentucky, as well as everyone else.

What is Madison Historic District famous for?
Is it being the largest contiguous national landmark site in the United States? That is true, but that’s not the answer. Shopping is the primary reason Madison Historic District is one of the best tourism destinations in Indiana or Kentucky. There’s a hundred shops within walking distance up, down, and in between Main Street, the connecting cross roads, and the Ohio River. The newest shopping mall in Indiana is actually one of the oldest in the United States, since the early 1800’s. Main Street of the Madison Historic District is both an outdoor shopping mall and part of the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark site in the U.S.

Madison Indiana is on the National Register of Historic Places as an Ohio River Town (more history). The historic district is referred to as "downtown." The modern urban sprawl outside the historic district is called "hilltop." There is a concentrated shopping district along Main Street adjacent to the Court House, from 400 E. Main Street and extends down to the far end of 800 W. Main Street. However, most shops are concentrated between 200 E. Main Street and 300 W. Main Street (map). That’s 5 blocks, but blocks of the early 1800’s and thus easily in walking distance. There’s public parking, public facilities, and lots of friendly people.

There are wineries, restaurants, theatre and about 100 shops (as a small conceit, I like to say 100 tourist destinations), museums, and interesting sites to see within walking distance. Clifty falls is a short drive away along with several golf courses. The historic district is highly recommended to those interested in historic southern Indiana, shopping, or a quiet get away from the hustle of daily living. The area has no roller coasters and quite proud of it. Other than shopping tourists, the Madison Historic District has been a long kept secret for those who can afford to escape from high pressure professions for vacations in peace and solace. The second largest group of visitors are typically couples, on a romantic escape, honeymoons and anniversaries. The historic district has been beautifully isolated and a well maintained upmarket tourist destination.

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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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