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Indoor nature trail,
gift shop, book store,
toy store and all
around nature shop.

108 E. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 273-1193
(800) 279-1193

Mon-Sat 10-5pm
Sun 12-4pm
Notice: Closed Sundays
in January & February

family activities



When you get past the initial view, which looks more like a variety gift shop, the shop opens up and stretches back, revealing a whole new world.

They’ve got gifts for anyone you can imagine buying for. Science, nature, educational, teddy bears, games, toys, books! They’ve got stuff here which you are not creative enough to imagine or guess. That’s ok, since they have it here waiting for you. Come and get it!



This is an original display case. Other's might have just accepted off the shelf (no pun intended) display cases, but not here. They insisted on having display cases as creative as the stuff they have on display.



They have bird houses and bird feeders of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.







Wind chimes, garden decor, furniture, binoculars, books, clothing, jewelry, nature and garden gifts, teas, young minds educational toys, puzzles, kits, games, and puppets.


"Wishing Woods"
Nature Trail

Did I mention the adventure? You won't actually need any survival gear and no untamed grissley bears or wolves off their leashes. That being said this is a must see and do for everyone.

I could show you the great stuff in here, but you should come and see for yourself.

Visiting shops like this is what makes life worth living and it’s the reason that Madison Historic District is one of the best tourist destinations.

Come Explore!


A Look Back

Cultivate is a truly unique place to take the whole family. There’s lots of interesting things to see, learn about, and entertain kids of all ages. Cultivate is an exemplar of the kind of creativity and passion that can be found in small owner operator variety shops. Please visit their shop and help support their creative efforts without which, the Madison Historic District, Indiana, the United States, and Earth in general quite frankly, would be a much poorer place.

Grow and cultivate your passions


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Time-Share Rent & present your Event!

At the Cultivate Center

The Cultivate Center is located on the 2nd floor above the Cultivate Shop.

This event space is available for your special program by time-share renting. The facility's capacity is up to 50 people, tables, chairs, coffee pot and refrigerator. The retail store below supports time sharers by offering a personal page space on their website to promote your event or program in addition to other support services which can be arranged. Call and ask them (phone)!

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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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Cultivate is a family owned business, open since 1992. The shop was previously named "The Birdhouse," a wild bird & nature shop. Now they generally promote education, hobbies, and interest in nature and living in peace with the Earth, not against her, as exemplified by one of their slogans,
"Grow and cultivate your passions, interests, and knowledge..."