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Your Place
or Mine

Antiques, Jewelry,
& Collectibles

227 E. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 621-7773

Tue-Sun 10-6pm

They buy & sell,
precious metals, gold, silver,
jewelry, antiques,
& estate items.

Unique Valuable Items



to Your Place or Mine. The invetory is eclectic, rare, unique, and sometimes quite valuable.

Inventory changes, from one day to the next, as items are sold and new acquisitions come in. Few items are standard. Most may change often.

This means you’ll have to visit often to catch the really great deals.

The pictures below are just a sample.


Antique Uniforms

Historically accurate.



Flattop Cottage

The organ with the red velvet stool is made by J. Estey & Company (Wikipedia), the largest manufacturer of ogans in the United States. How to find Estey serial numbers?


Dungun Miller
antique parking meter.

Gumball machines,
marbles, antique jars,
and table too.

Flat Dungun Miller antique parking meter


Antique Uniforms







Bete for die mutter


Gumball Machines

Ornate figurines,

antique marbles,

antique ball jars,

sharpening tools,

antique radios,






The Battle of
Little Big Horn
Little Big Can

United States of America Presidential Dollars display case.

Antique oil, oil cans, horns, antique glass marbles, antique license plates, antique milk cans,


Check back to see which can survives.


Giant Knives

Hot wheel cars,

candle holders,








Collectible Coins

collectible currency,


metal figurines,








antique silverware

With it’s own lined
storage and display box.








Scented Candles

oil lamps,

table placement settings,





Musical instruments,
antique or otherwise.







ear rings,


wrist watches,


Rocking Horse

A child's life isn’t complete without his or her own rocking horse. There’s only one available. Better hurry!





You’ll have to come in
and look closer
at rest of the items.







Another look





Fancy egg thing,


stone tools,


and polished stones.





Barber’s Chair


A star trek fan might make this his, or her, own captain's chair.







Fine China

porciline figures,

decorative bottles,

serving dishes,







Home Decor



floor lamps,

textile goods,




Green Painting

Wall mirrors,

Jack Frost’s
Cane Sugar,

Table lamps,

Scented candles,







Much More




Dont forget




As an example of the kind of rare unique items for sale, this particular item was found on display while photographing the shop. All these images presented here represent a sample of the kind of items which may, from time to time, be found here for sale. The inventory will change over time.One must visit the shop or contact the owner on any give day for updates.

Nuremberg Chronicle,

"In May of 1493 appeared in the Latin language one of the earliest voluminous books, fully illustrated with 1809 woodcuts printed from 645 woodblocks: The Nuremberg Chronicle. The story of this book is a story of superlatives. Hartmann Schedel, a medical doctor in Nuremberg who owned the most important private collection of books in all of Europe was the author. His library made the writing of this book possible. The writing and production of this book was teamwork. Among the more famous cooperators were Wilhelm Pleydenwurff and the painter and expert woodcutter Michael Wolgemut (1434-1519) who became the first noted book illustrator. His most famous apprentice up to 1489 was Albrecht Dürer who is supposedly contributed two woodcuts to the Chronicle. Poet Konrad Celtis contributed the German text which was published in December of the same year. Sebald Schreyer (1446-1520), a wealthy merchant in Nuremberg, financed the enduring and long lasting preparations which went into the production of this book which is a "History of the World" from Genesis to the date of printing. The double page size woodcuts of city views are, with the exception of Lübeck, the first ever printed views. Large sized and sometimes in bold, bright hand coloring they are considered the crowns of city view collections. Columbus had already "discovered" America when the Schedel Chronicle appeared on the book market.

...might help in the estimation of it’s value. The Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493 wood cut print

But no news of this stunning discovery had reached the editors in time to be included in this remarkable book, so that, alas, there is no mention of "The New World" in it. However it remains a fact that the Nuremberg Chronicle is one of the most noted and valuable incunabila." (excerpt source: compare Prices)

Additional sources of information which may be helpful in assessing value. Wikipedia citations:
1. Nuremberg Chronicle 2. Hartmann Schedel. See also: AbeBooks.com and Vintage-Maps.com.


More Shopping

This shopping village isn’t going to wait for you. In shops like this you have to visit in person to catch the good deals when they come, or someone else will snatch it up.




All these pictures are of things that have been bought and sold here. The inventory is constantly changing.

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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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Terry opened this shop in Spring 2013, about 11 years ago.