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Shane owner operator of the Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop


402 E. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 801-5730 (cell)
(812) 274-2081

Tue-Sat 12-6pm
Also open by appointment


Shane in the Bull pin, at the Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Madison Historic District

He does look
a bit scary

Yes, he does. But actually he's a very nice guy. They’ve got a very cool place here. This is the only tattoo parlor on Main Street (that I’m aware of), and possibly the only one in the entire Madison Historic District. They do custom work, cover ups, and walk-ins are welcome.




Gate keeper T-1000 terminator robot to ensure that no one under 18 may enter without an adult and takes care of any unruley guests, at Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Indiana’s Madison Historic District

Look around
the shop

The bouncer model T-1000 poised and ready. His secret code name is Scarecrow. I’m sure you didn't see that one coming.



Happy guests and customers are always a good sign, play checkers, enjoy the fireplace, big screen TV, and company at Indiana Gun and Tattoo shop, in Indiana’s Madison Historic District

Happy guests are always a good sign in a business where customers are intentionally stuck by needles. While you wait they have checkers to play, fireplace, and big screen flat panel TV. Here in the background you can see some of the art on display, and for sale, by local artists.

With a hair cut like that he must have served in the United States Marine Corp (see his T-shirt). Service men, women, and especially veteran's appear to be welcome here.


More waiting area, checkers to play, and a view out the front windows at the Indiana Gun and Tattoo shop in Indiana’s Madison Historic District








Waiting area?

BIG screen TV, fireplace, magazines, checkers, and other cool stuff on display, including works by local artists like Cheyne at 801-5730 or 274-2081.

What’s more they have actual fine art from local artists on the walls. So when you visit here, you can tell your friends I didn't just get a tattoo, but also toured a fine art gallery. And if you see something you would like to decorate your home with, the art is for sale.



Sample Work

All these tattoos were done in-house right here at the Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Indiana’s Madison Historic District. There working on putting a collection of hundreds of such photos of their work together for display. Here I've included photos of just 3 of frames, but they’ve got much more to come.





You’ll have to come to the shop to in person to checkout some of the more intricate details of the tattoo work.



They have many, many photos of examples of their work.  



Art Gallery

Art for Sale

The art work is both on display and for sale. Artists are local to the Madison Historic District area.


More Art


This is just some of the local artist’s work on display. You’ll have to visit the shop to see the rest.


In Action

Shane in the bull pin working on one larger than life walking riot and definitely one tuff customer at the Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Madison Historic District

Welcome to the

I was given permission to enter and observe Shane in action while he worked on a tattoo.


a look inside the Bull pin, in action working on a tattoo for a patron at Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Indiana’s Madison Historic District

Barber’s Chair?


a closer look in the bull pin of tattoo artist Shane at Indiana Gun and Tatoo in Indiana’s Madison Historic District


One may not think of this occupation as particularly dangerous, but consider the hazards associated with failing to make customers like this happy.


look from another angle inside the bull pin, tattoo artist at work, at Indiana Gun and Tattoo in Indiana’s Madison Historic District


Painstaking diligence and attention to detail, in addition to steady hands, sharp eyes, and a williness, if not a desire, to poke others with needles and cause general pain. Oh, and of course no fear of blood.

These are just a few of the qualities a good tatoo artist must have.


Closeup of the tattoo in progress and in the finished state, at the Indiana Gun and Tattoo Shop in Indiana’s Madison Historic District


A close up look at the tattoo in progress and the finished state of the tattoo (shown when the mouse is over the image).



It is important to note, tattoos and mistakes are permanent. So you obviously want the best.


It’s important to never enter the bull pen without getting permission first. Startling the tattoo artist could cause serious harm to the artwork and customers may be more dangerous than they appear in the mirror. There’s delicate expensive equipment and the need to maintain safe sterile conditions which makes this area sacred ground.
Respect it!


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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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