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Spice Shop

redefining the
art of cooking!

402 Broadway St
Madison IN 47250

Mon-Sat 10-6pm
Sun 10-5pm

Spice up your life!

Tremendous variety!



to Galena’s Garlic Company’s local branch in Madison Historic District. Gourmet chefs and culinary novices alike flock to Galena’s to take advantage of their award winning signature line of gourmet chef blends whether in seasoning packets or rubs, flavored olive oils, or in aged seasoned balsamics. Each blend is created in small batches with all natural garlic, artisan sea salts, and the highest quality exotic ingredients from around the world.

They also produce a variety of salsas, BBQue & hot sauces. Come down to the shop, explore, smell and taste 7 days a week!



I called this section "specials", but truth be told it’s all special. The all natural ingredients include nothin but "all good stuff." Everything on the shelves have detailed ingredients for your review, however proportions are trade secret. So since I can’t fit all that on this web site, all you chef’s and chef’s to be, trying to figure out Galena’s secrets will have to come down to Madison Historic District, visit Galena’s Garlic Company, and see for yourself.

It’s true. Many of their customers are restaurateurs and chefs looking for flavors to offer their own customers. Galena’s costumers know it’s easier to rely on Galena’s perfection rather than trying to re-invent the wheel themselves.


Enrico Formella’s

Muffuletta Salad,
Eggplant Salad,
Bread & Butter Garlic w/Jalapeno’s,
Bread & Butter Jalapeno’s,
Hot Giardiniera,
Mild Giardiniera,
Mild Giardiniera Relish (fine diced),
Chopped Garlic,
Bread & Butter Garlic Cloves,
Cut Hot Peppers,
Garlic Stuffed Olives,
Pitted Kalamata Olives,
Jalapeno Stuffed Olives,
Olive Salad


Pesto’s, & Spreads

Use spreads on toast, croissants, sandwiches, crackers. Or use as topping on shellfish, chicken, or sandwiches.


Balsamic four-onion spread, lemon artichoke pesto, garden tomato pesto, passion fruit mango spread, fennel blood orange tapenade, artichoke parmesan tapenade, apple caramelized onion spread, cranberry orange spread, fig almond spread, black olive tapenade, roasted eggplant tapenade, rosemary pear tapenade, spiced sour cherry spread, chile red pepper tapenade, and hatch chile pesto.

They offer small sample jar sets, so you can buy and try each in small doses before you commit to buying large jars.


Grill & BBQue
World Flavors


Wingfest award winner BB Que Rub, Rodeo, BB Que Hot Rub, Smokehouse BB Que, Chipotle Barbeque, Buffalo Wing, Chipotle Honey Rub, Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill, Kansas, Chili BBQ, Southwest, Tailgate Rub, Beer Can Chicken Rub & Grill, Mambo Grill Rub, and Bacon BBQue Rub.

They have sample "grinders", like a pepper grinder, which you can use to grind some of each rub or seasoning into your hand to smell and taste each before you buy.

Seasonings for steaks, burgers, roasts, chicken, poultry, fish, potatoes & vegetables: No Salt Taco, Mesquite, Slow cooker & Crockpot seasoning, Cajun Blackening Blend, Smoked Paprika Chipotle seasoning, Hunters Steak & Game, Burger & Meatloaf seasoning, ADOBO seasoning, BBQue Mesquite, Fajita Fiesta, Papa Laszlo’s Steak Spicy seasoning, Madison Steakhouse, Halftime Chili, Key West Tropical Blend.


Salts, Soups
& Snacks

All Purpose Sea Salts: bacon chipotle, black truffle, bolivian rose, chipotle, durango, fleur de sel, ghost pepper, habanero, hawaiian alaea, hawaiian lava, hawaiian pink, himalayan pink, jalapeno, la baleine, lemon fresco, lime fresco, merlot wine, murray river, pure ocean, sel gris, serrano, smoked applewood, smoke hickory, smoked serrano, Szechuan, thai ginger, wasabi, wild porcini.

Use as a replacement for tables salt, for cooking, on popcorn, or just out on the dining room table for family, friends, and guests.


Soups & Snacks


Beef Goulash, Golden Peanut, Tortilla, Broccoli Cheddar, Jambalaya, Chicken Noodle, Mushroom Barley, Cincinnati Chili,

Gluten Free Soups:

Ohio Valley Vegetable, Indiana Harvest Sausage Lentil, Colorado Campfire Chicken Stew, Nebraska Barnraising Split Pea, Michigan Ski Country Chili, New Mexico Mesa Spicy Fiesta, Louisiana Red Bean Gumbo.


Create a
Gift Basket

With a variety of items for sale there in the shop, if you select the items you want and a basket, they will wrap it at no extra charge.


This picture is about what’s missing. In the art world, they call it "negative space." Try and guess what’s missing.


Tiesta Tea’s


in Explosive Mango Mate,
Creme au Chocolat, Kokomate, Royal Breakfast black tea, Earl Grey de la Creme, Chai Love, Darjeeling Peerless Estate, or Banana Split flavors.

gives you an added boost to your day providing you with the energy needed to perform at your highest level.


in Palm Beach Punch, Nutty Almond Cream, Minty Winter Wonderland, or St. Nick’s Surprise flavors.

help ease your body from daily stresses and refreshes you after a long day of work or class.


in Chunky Watermelon, Fireberry, Red Rose Rooibos, or Cranberry Tang flavors.

help your body recover from excess physical exertion and eliminates many of the toxins in your body.


in Chinese Gunpowder, Plum Bliss, Jolly Green Kiwi, or Fruity Pebbles flavors.

helps keep you looking and feeling fit by increasing your metabolism and curbing your appetite.



in Strawberry Exotica
or Gojiberry Superfruit flavors.

provides a great-tasting tea that aids in keeping you looking and feeling young with an abundance of anti-aging properties and antioxidants.



Galena’s Assorted

Pickled Garlic, Pickled Green Tomatoes, Jalapeno Dill Pickles, Chow Chow, Bread & Butter Pickles, Garlic Dill Pickles.

Mustard’s: Dill, Honey Habanero, and Horseradish.


Midwest Tomato Salsa,
Black Bean, Apple, Hot Apple, Cherry, Hot Cherry Salsa, Garlic, Peach, Hot Peach Salsa, Mango-Peach, Mango-Lime, and Cilantro Salsa.


Balsamic’s & Oils

Balsamic dressings: 12 year balsamics, 18 year balsamics, apricot, apple, black cherry, black currant, blackberry, ginger, chocolate, cranberry pear, espresso, grapefruit, honey ginger, italian fig, juniper berry, jalapeno, lemon grass, mango, vermont maple, oregano, pomegranate, pineapple, raspberry, serrano honey, strawberry, sicilian lemon, vanilla.

Olive oils: arbequina, arbosana, avocado, almond, barnea robusto, butter, basil, cilantro & onion, chipotle, coratina, garlic, gremolata, grape seed, herb de provance, hojiblanca, frantoio, favolosa, tuscan herb, koroneike, harissa, lime, lemon, mission, manzanillo, orange, picholine, picual, tarragon, truffle, walnut.

Popeye’ Olive


French Extra Virgin Olive Oil

—Walnut Oil, Orange Olive Oil, Chipotle Olive Oil,
Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A big bonus of shopping in here, is the music and atmosphere. This is something that’s hard to put into words, you really do have to visit to get it. It’s the contributions of shops like this that make Madison Historic District such a great tourist destination and Indiana proud since this is a real "mom & pop" family owned & operated shop. Step inside and tell’em hi!

Where you stand, grab a basket and create you’re own gift basket.

Trivia: Suggest a good trivia question a trivia question.


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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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