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The 605 Grille, dinner only restuarant and pub’s front exterior of building with rose red doors and benches.


Dinner Only

605 W. Main Street
Madison IN 47250
(812) 265-1605


"Food for Thought"

The 605 Grille


The 605 Grille restuarant’s main dining room.


The 605 Grille is foremost a family restaurant. The most succinct description I could come up with was, "family owned and family operated, for families." Apparently the entire family participates and works together (more). And you don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself. It’s a beautiful place.

Rambo, the prequel’s prequel


The 605 Grille’s bar seating.


Although it has a bar, with bar seating, that word that does not apply. The kind of behavior you might imagine taking place in a bar wont be found here. The more sophisticated term "pub" far better applies, as the 605 Grille’s civilized, classy, and family friendly atmosphere is well maintained. This is not a single’s bar either. Couples, whole families, and groups represent the general clientele. Although I do recommend the 605 for a date night restaurant. The chaperones are included at no extra cost.


The 605 Grille’s bar and taps.

Beer on Tap

The 605 is a big supporter of the micro brewery industry and actively promotes Indiana micro brews. Specific Indiana micro brews include:
Upland Komodo Dragonfly, Upland Wheat Ale,
Three Floyds Alpha King,
NABC Hoptimus, and
Powerhouse Diesel Oil Stout. All available right here at the 605 Grille.

We miss this beautiful place, concept and the beer, ~ Rick.

King’s Pale Ale Bad Elmer’s Porter Wheat Ale


The 605 Grille, dining room, tables for 2, 4, and 8.

Dining Room

Visit when the weather is good and take advantage of the fresh sun light.


The 605 Grille, dining room, notice children’s high chairs available.

High Chairs

I did mention that this is a family restaurant. Notice the children’s high chairs on the left are available.


Children’s High Chair, children are welcome! smoke alarm, you’re safe


You Tube Video: 605 Grille making bread



What was the original purpose of the building built at 605 W. Main Street of Madison Historic District, Southern Indiana? 
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Sometimes people think Madison Historic District, also known as Historic Madison, is located in Milton Kentucky, but we are actually located just 1 mile north in Downtown Madison Indiana, across the Harrison Bridge on the north side of the Ohio River.


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Map to 605 Grille & Weather Report

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The 605 Grille is a family restaurant first and foremost, and I emphasize "the family." Apparently the entire family participates and works together (more). In my heart, this is the truest American Dream and they have achieved it. I’m totally envious.

The purpose of this page is to promote great tourist destinations, activities, food, entertainment and tourism related services located in Indiana’s Madison Historic District. And the 605 Grille is an examplar of the kind of places tourists can expect to find and enjoy here in Madison Indiana.





605 Grille

605 W. Main Street, Madison Indiana, (812) 265-1605
Appetizers | Soup | Salad | Entrees | Desserts | Wine | Beer | 605 Beer Sampler
  Note: Prices and menu items change. 

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Starters (Appetizers)

Mesa Negra Egg Rolls

Deliciously seasoned black beans and veggies mingled with their special blend of cheeses, wrapped and fried to a golden brown perfection.


Tijuana Egg Rolls

Strips of jalapeno and red pepper stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese, and fried in an egg roll wrapper.


Loaded Fries

A blend of cheeses, bacon and green onions on top of fresh cut fries, served with homemade ranch dipping sauce. Also available in "Vegetarian style" with jalapeno peppers, red peppers, and green onions.


Fruit and Cheese Plate

Aged cheddar, creamy brie, and nutty parmesan. Served with seasonal fruit and homemade crusty bread.


Black Bean Humus

Roasted garlic, black beans, and tahini blended smooth with hints of cumin, basil and cayenne pepper. Served with freshly fried flour tortilla chips.

Casa Queso Dip

A mixture of Monterey Jack and cream cheeses combine with sauteed onions and poblano peppers in this mildly spicy dip. Served with freshly fried flour tortilla chips.


Scratch Made Bread 'n' Butter

Always good to add to any order,
or as a take home snack for latter.

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Homemade Salad Dressings: Ranch, Oil & Vinegar, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Greek Vinaigrette,
Honey Dijon, Blue Cheese. Add extra dressing for 50 cents.

Soup Du Jour

AKA "Soup of the day" $4.99 a bowl $3.99 a cup

House Salad

Organic mixed greens combined with carrot ribbons, cucumbers, red peppers and homemade croutons.


Mon Cheri’s Warm Baby Brie Salad


Organic mixed greens dance wit the sweetness of grapes, toasted walnuts and a generous wedge of warmed baby brie cheese. Dressed with homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette or Oil & Vinegar.
Add scratch made Bread 'n' Butter


The Greek Salad

Local organic mixed greens with feta cheese, Greek Olives, red onion and sun dried tomatoes. Dressed with our homemade Greek Vinaigrette.
Add Grilled Chicken
Add scratch made Bread 'n' Butter

+ $1.50

Havana Rumba Salad

Organic mixed greens with Manchego Cheese, Madrid Olives, and toasted almonds. Dressed with our homemade Orange Citronette.
Add Grilled Chicken
Add scratch made Bread 'n' Butter

+ $1.50

Apple of My Eye Salad

Organic mixed greens with sliced apples, parmesan cheese and toasted walnuts. Served with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.
Add Grilled Chicken
Add scratch made Bread 'n' Butter

+ $1.50

The Cowgirl Salad

Organic mixed greens, toasted walnuts, grape tomatoes, blue cheese, red onions and sauteed green beans.
Add Grilled Chicken
Add Grilled Steak
Add seared Salmon
Add scratch made Bread 'n' Butter


[Menu | top]


Sun dried Tomato-Basil Quiche

Local eggs, organic cream, sun dried tomatoes and layer upon layer of gooey cheese. Served with a small house salad with your choice of dressing.

Burger and Fries

Locally raised, grain fed beef, hand formed 1/3 lb burgers. Served on top a mad-from-scratch bun, dressed how you like it! Served with a sid of fresh cut fries.
Add a slice of cheese, choose:
American, Cheddar, Swiss or Monterey Jack


Bleu Cheese and Bacon Burger

Tangy bleu cheese layered with smoky bacon and sauteed onion on top the the classic 605 burger and bun. Served with the hand cut french fries.


Smothered Swiss Burger

Jarlsburg Swiss Cheese layered with sauteed onion, baby bella mushrooms on top the classic 605 burger and bun. Served with hand cut french fries.


Roasted Eggplant Veggie Burger

Roasted eggplant dances with sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano. Dressed with fresh Mozzarella cheese and homemade roasted garlic mayo. Served on top a made-from-scratch bun.


Chicken with Sun Dried
Tomato Cream Sauce

Boneless chicken breast, grilled to perfection and bathed in their creamy sun dried tomato cream sauce with fresh basil and nested in a bed of spaghetti pasta. Served with house salad.


Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Fresh alaskan salmon pan-seared to perfection and topped with our homemade dill butter. Served with house salad, au gratin, potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.


Ribeye Steak

An extraordinary 16 oz ribeye steak, lightly marinated for wonderful flavor! Served with a house salad, au gratin potatoes, and fresh sauteed vegetables.


** Substitutions available. Add $1.99 to replace french fries with a House Salad Substitution.

[Menu | top]


Mixed Berry Pie

A medley of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries mingled with vanilla, a hint of lemon, and baked in the 605 Grilles oven with homemade crust.
Add vanilla ice cream

+ $1.99

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae,

A homemade dark chocolate chip cookie with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, homemade caramel and chocolate sauces, and whipped cream on top for good measure.


[Menu | top]

Beer on Tap

The Beer Home of
the Beer
% Alcohol Price of
a Pint

Powerhouse Diesel Oil Stout

6.6 ????
A milk stout that focuses on dark roasty malts and lots of hops. Jon uses milk sugar to balance this beer. Like other Powerhouse offerings, this beer has a Columbus, Indiana connection -- Cummins diesel engines are made in Columbus.      

Upland Ard Dri

8.3 ????
Ard Dri means High King in Old World Gaelic. Like all Irish Red Ales, Ard Ri gets its distinct color from roasted barely used in the brewing process.      

Founder’s Porter

Grand Rapids,
6.5 ????
"Dark, rich, and sexy." Chocolate malts and four varieties of hops make this a very full flavored ale.      

Great Divide Yeti

9.5 ????
Great Divide’s Yeti Imperial Stout is an onslaught of the senses. An almost viscous, inky-black brew, Yeti opens with a massive, roasty, chocolate, coffee malt flavor that eventually gives way to rich toffee and burnt caramel notes. Packed with an enormous quantity of American hops, Yeti’s hop profile reveals a slightly citrusy, piney, and wonderfully dry hoppy finish.      

NorthCoast PranQster

California 7.6 ????
A Belgian golden ale with a floral nose, a full fruity flavor, and a clean finish.      

Upland Wheat Ale

4.5 $4.50
A classic rendition of Belgian Wit Bier, light on the tongue and easy going, refreshingly tart, with a distinct citrus finish.  


Upland Komodo Dragonfly

6.5 $5.00
A well-balanced, dark, and totally unique black IPA. Brewed with a base of fresh pilsner malts and darkened with pure black malts with a pinch of lavender to add to the overall aromatic experience.  


Bells Two Hearted Ale

7.0 $4.75
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is an India Pale Ale style beer. American malts and enormous hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma.  

Three Floyds Alpha King

6.0 $4.75
A big American Pale Ale with citrusy aroma- a hop lover’s cult beer and Three Floyds flagship beer. Brewed with Centennial, Cascade & Warrior Hops.  


Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Who would have thought deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar grew the perfect ingredient to build an extraordinary Porter in Colorado? An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure, real vanilla bean.      

Diesel Oil Stout

6.5 $5.00

NABC Hoptimus

New Albany,
Secret $5.00

Bells Oberon


Scrimshaw Pilsner


Founder’s Dirty Bastard

Grand Rapids,
Coming soon to the Tap

Jack the Bum


Diesel Oil Stout


Beer in Bottles

Bud     $2.00
Bud Light     $2.00
Corona     $2.00
Michelob Ultra     $2.00

[Menu | top]

The 605 Beer Sampler

Pick any 5 beers from the tap, you’ll get four ounces of each of the 5 beers, 20 ounces in total for $6.99

This is a great way to taste, without committing to drinking a whole pint of each.

[Menu | top]

Wine List


Merlot & Merlot Blends

Kennedy Shah (Woodinville, WA) 7/20
Vistalba Malbec/Merlot (Mendoza, Argentina) 8/22
Oberon (Napa Valley, CA) 30

Pinot Noir

El Portillo (Maipo, Chile) 8/22
Row Eleven (Graton, CA) 25

Cabernet Sauvignon & Cab Blends

Snoqualmie "whistle stop" Cab/Merlot (Columbia Valley, WA) 7/20
Vistabla Mallbec/Cab (Mendoza, Arentina) 8/22
Spellbound (Napa, CA) 8/22
Northstar Stella Maris 2005 (Walla Walla, WA) 30
Justin (Paso Robles, CA) 40


AVV "Temptation Zin" (Alexander Valley, CA) 7/20
Oeno (Lodi, CA) 8/22
Mariah "Sanctuary" (Mendocino County, CA) 38


Ruta 22 (Patagonia, Argentina) 8/22
Broquel (Mendoza, Argentina) 30

More Reds

Strong Arms Shiraz (McLaren Valle, Australia) 7/20
Ridge "Three Valleys" (Sonoma County, CA) 32



Snoqualmie Winemaker’s Select (Columbia Valley, WA) 7/20
Milbrant "Traditions" (Columbia Valley, WA) 8/22

Pinot Grigio

Barone Fini (Trentino, Italy) 7/20


Haras De Pirque (Maipo Valley, Chille) 7/20

Sauvignon Blanc

The Crossings (Marlborough, New Zealand) 8/22
Chateau Bonnet Blanc (Bordeaux, France) 8/22
Dry Creek (Sonoma Country, CA) 8/22


Creekbend Vidal Blanc (Bloomington, IN) 30
Villa Sandi Prosecco (Veneto, Italy) 22
Rionda Pink Prosecco (Montforte D'Alpoue, Italy) 6

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